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Stress free & easy chemistry teaching for you.

You are a Chemistry teacher wanting the best results for your students — but you face challenges.

 Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do.

Other times you’re daunted by the complexity of explaining the chemistry concepts,
or you just don’t know where to focus your attention and time given such a busy curriculum.

Imagine having reliable, easily accessible & proven VCE Chemistry resources 
available at your fingers tips, 24 hours/7 days a week.

  • Photocopy & share summary notes and VCAA worksheets with your students.
  • Show video tutorials in your classes (great for extras!)
  • No more wasted hours trawling through YouTube trying to find an explanation that actually makes sense
  • Use the resources as PD for yourself.
  • Save yourself time & energy - up to date VCAA curriculum

This is perfect for you if you are:

An Experienced Teacher

  • improve student learning
  • short, clear video tutorials
  • affordable book-listing options 
  • all resources in one place
  • worked VCAA questions

A New Teacher

  • content is simplified & easy to grasp
  • gain confidence to explain concepts
  • reliable resources at your fingertips
  • less stress & preparation time
  • learn from an experienced teacher

A Student Teacher

  • learn how to break down concepts from an experienced VCE teacher
  • save time lesson planning
  • improve your knowledge & confidence
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The Only Chemistry Resource YOU Need!

Access everything you need for your VCE Chemistry 
in one convenient place

Short, easy to understand video tutorials
(show your classes)

Summaries for every topic
(download & photocopy)

Cheat sheets to help students revise
(download & photocopy)

Worked VCAA exam questions

Test yourself VCAA multiple choice exam questions

All prepared by an experienced private school Chemistry teacher

Subscription includes access to all resources
VCE Chemistry Units 1-4

Unit 1

How can the diversity of
materials be explained?

Unit 2

What makes water such a
unique chemical?

Unit 3

How can chemical processes
be designed to optimise efficiency?

Unit 4

How are organic compounds
categorised, analysed and used?

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Teachers love our approach to learning

I find the actual videos very helpful as either an introduction or review of the subject matter. It varies the presentation of new material and takes the pressure off talking all the time. 
When students compared VolkScience to what they were using, most found that they gained a better understanding of topics and the explanations were clearer.

Explanations easily understood by the students, content is simplified and easy to grasp.