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2024 Booklist

What's included:

Students get on-demand access to all these great resources for VCE Chemistry Units 1-4 including:

  • video tutorials
  • summary sheets
  • cheat sheets
  • worked VCAA exam questions
  • test yourself multiple choice questions
  • Revision Webinar replays 
  • updated VCAA curriculum (2023-2028)

Teachers get access to all of the above resources plus:

  • licence to download and photocopy worksheets & summaries for student use
  • licence to show tutorials in their classes
  • ability to monitor individual students' progress via in depth progress reports.  (Check out an example below).

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Replay from Webinar Wed 24 Aug 2022
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Booklisting Options

Each school is unique.  Therefore VolkScience offers 3 different ways to sign up your classes.

Schools can also booklist through third parties such as Campion or Box of Books.  For more information go to FAQ below

Option A
School registers students  School pays

Sign up your whole class to VolkScience and the school will be invoiced.
Students get immediate access to VolkScience for HeadStart programs or the Dec/Jan break.

Option B
Student self registers Student pays

The school is provided with a discount code that they can use on their booklists.
Students must self-register and pay using the discount code.

Option C
Booklist through third party eg. Campion, Box of Books
$27 + supplier fee

If you are choosing this option, please let us know as these parties do not contact us directly. 
Complete form below if you want students get immediate access to VolkScience for HeadStart programs or the Dec/Jan break.

Frequently asked questions

Do my students access to all resources in all units?

Sure do!  You get access to all resources from Units 1-4 VCE Chemistry.

Am I licensed to show the video tutorials to my classes?

Yes. Whilst you have a subscription you are licensed to show any of the tutorials to your students.  You can also leave  as an extra - just get the substitute teacher to show them to your class. 

Can I photocopy and share summary notes, cheat sheets and worksheets with my students?

Yes. Whilst you have a current subscription you have copyright permission to photocopy and share any of VolkScience materials with your students.

Can my students view the videos by themselves?

Does VolkScience follow the whole, current VCAA curriculum. 

VolkScience is the complete and current VCAA curriculum. The new Year 11 curriculum began in 2023 and the new Year 12 curriculum will commence in 2024. Both are now available at VolkScience.

My students do a HeadStart program which starts in November.  Can their subscription start then?

Yes, of course.  We know how important it is to have students well prepared for the start of the year.  HeadStart programs and holiday homework are a really important part of this preparation so we not only encourage this, we include the early start for no extra cost.   

We use the Pearson Heinemann textbook.  Do we also need to booklist VolkScience?

 If your school uses the Heinemann textbook VolkScience will now be supplying video tutorials to accompany the Heinemann textbook for the new VCAA curriculum Units 1-2 (2023) and Units 3-4 (2024).
Access to the VolkScience videos linked to Heinemann 1 will be available to you and your students via the Heinemann e-resources. This is all organised through Pearson.
Please note, however, this does not include access to all of our resources such as: Summary notes, Cheat sheets and VCAA Exam Questions.
If you would like students to be able to access these schools you will need to booklist your students directly though VolkScience for $27/student. This means that all students have access to all of the VolkScience resources and teachers can also monitor student’s individual progress.

If we booklist our students, do teachers still need an individual subscription?

Yes, teachers need to take out their own individual subscriptions to utilise all of the resources and access student progress reports.  Simply email me their details - ie. name and email address and I can sign them up and invoice the school. We can organise this whenever you are ready so that they can start planning for next year.  The cost is $97/teacher/year.

Any questions?

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