Hi! I'm Nic Volkmann.

My students like to call me Volks. 
I have an obsession to make Chemistry learning & teaching easy, fun and accessible ​to everyone.

A little story about me.....

When I finished High School I studied Pharmacy and became a Pharmacist. I then kind of did the Breaking Bad thing in reverse and became a High School Chemistry teacher. 

I loved teaching – and I also found that I was really good at explaining stuff.  I’d spend hours preparing lessons trying to make Chemistry interesting and easy to understand and I got great positive feedback from my students – yay for me! 

Two things always bothered me:
1) How to catch up students who missed a class?           
2) How to help students struggling with their homework
at home?

Then I learned about ‘Flipped Learning’

where basically I recorded lessons so students would watch them at in their own time at home – and they could pause, rewind, re-watch as often as they like. During class, students would work on their questions able to get help from me or each other. 

It was awesome!  Students loved it and parents thought it was great. Success! 

 I’ve realised that it doesn’t matter where you are in
the world......

I can help you learn or teach Chemistry! 

Helping students...

Chemistry can be really challenging. 

Not only are some of the concepts difficult to understand, the workload is huge and it can be hard to know where to focus your time and attention.

That’s why VolkScience focuses on just the important stuff. Believe it or not all of the content in Units 1-4 VCE Chemistry is covered in concise videos in under 5 hours per unit! That's less than 10 hours for the entire syllabus of  either Year 11 or Year 12.

VolkScience is specifically designed to focus on the important content and to practise applying this to real exam questions. All VCAA exam questions (including examiners reports) are easily accessible for each topic and supported with worked through examples.

I want to help you to do your best and enjoy the learning process but making it as simple and as interesting as I can. 
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Helping teachers...

Teaching chemistry is not an easy job - I know, I've been there.

I initially developed VolkScience resources for students, but realised I have created the resource I wish I’d had when I was teaching, particularly when I first started.

It would have saved me hours trying to work out how to explain challenging concepts and also producing resources.  Everything you need is available at your finger tips, from VCAA exam questions complete with examiners reports to summary sheets and cheat sheets and of course tutorials that you can show your students.

It’s always great to hear back from teachers that I’m hitting my goal to help out and make teaching life a bit less stressful.

Helping parents...

Having spent lots of time with students studying VCE, both in the classroom and 1:1 tutoring, I really appreciate the stress of VCE, not just on the student, but also on the parents.

It really is hard trying to support a teenager, especially when it comes to their education. As a parent, your fundamental role during your teenager’s VCE is to help them manage their stress, time and aspirations to ultimately reach their goals.

VolkScience ensures they have reliable resources at their fingertips whenever they sit down to study. No more stressing about a missed class or not understanding. No more wasted time looking for trawling through YouTube trying to find an explanation that actually makes sense.

If you are looking for an affordable way to support your teenager with their Chemistry learning, good news, you’ve found it!
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