Hi! I'm Nic Volkmann.

My students like to call me Volks. 
I have an obsession to make Chemistry learning easy, fun and accessible ​to everyone.

A little story about me.....

Ever sat in the classroom trying really hard to follow what the teacher is saying but you just can’t?  

Maybe the topic or teacher is boring? 

Maybe you just don’t get it? 

Maybe it’s just one of those days? 

It happens to me all of the time…. and it got me thinking…
but I’ll get to that in a bit. 

I finished High School and did a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and became a Pharmacist. I then kind of did the Breaking Bad thing in reverse and quit the legal Drug Supply trade after to become a High School Chemistry teacher. 

I loved teaching – and I also found that I was pretty good at it. I’d spend hours preparing lessons trying to make Chemistry interesting and easy to understand and I got great positive feedback from my students – yay for me! 

Two things always bothered me:
1) How to catch up students who missed a class?           
2) How to help students struggling with their homework
at home?

Then I learned about ‘Flipped Learning’ where basically I recorded lessons so students would watch them at in their own time at home– and they could pause, rewind, re-watch as often as they like. During class, students would work on their questions able to get help from me or each other. 

It was awesome!!!!! 

Students loved it and parents thought it was great.


Now, here’s the interesting thing…… I have pretty basic ICT skills and am definitely no Spielberg but I managed to make some pretty basic videos and upload them to YouTube. Surprisingly I started getting students from around the world watching my very basic Chemistry videos. 

I saw a need... actually I saw 2 needs. 

Firstly, that there were heaps of students who needed Chemistry help. To date, I’ve had over 500,000 views – that’s crazy. 

Secondly, that if so many people are watching, I better up my ICT skills and improve the quality of my videos.

 I’ve realised that it doesn’t matter where you are in
the world – 

I can help you learn Chemistry! 

I want to help you to do your best and enjoy the learning process but making it as simple and as interesting as I can. 

Stay awesome and have fun 

Volks :-)