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You are a Chemistry student trying to get the best marks you possibly can — but you face challenges.

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do.

Other times you’re daunted by the complexity of the chemistry concepts,
or you just don’t know where to focus your attention to maximise your learning.

Imagine having short, easy to understand Chemistry tutorials
available at your fingers tips, 24 hours/7 days a week.

It's like having a teacher in your pocket!

  • No more stressing about a missed class or not understanding a topic
  • No more sitting in class having no idea what the teacher is talking about
  • No more wasted hours trawling through YouTube trying to find an explanation that actually makes sense
  • No more feeling uncertain or confused
  • No more sitting at home, struggling through your homework

This is perfect for you if you are:

Wanting a High ATAR

  • get ahead of your class
  • practice VCAA questions
  • get VCAA examiner insights
  • work at your own pace
  • focus on the important stuff

Struggling in Chemistry

  • difficult concepts explained in an easy and relatable way
  • content is simplified & easy to grasp
  • reliable resources at your fingertips
  • learn from an experienced teacher

Needing Extra Help

  • catch up on missed lessons
  • efficient & easy way to understand
  • get a second explanation from an experienced teacher
  • everything you need in one place

The Only Chemistry Resource YOU Need!

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Access everything you need for your VCE Chemistry 
in one convenient place

Short, easy to understand video tutorials

Summaries for every topic
(great for revision)

Cheat sheets to help memorise content

Worked VCAA exam questions

Test yourself VCAA multiple choice exam questions

All prepared by an experienced private school Chemistry teacher

Subscription includes access to all resources
VCE Chemistry Units 1-4

Unit 1

How can the diversity of
materials be explained?

Unit 2

What makes water such a
unique chemical?

Unit 3

How can chemical processes
be designed to optimise efficiency?

Unit 4

How are organic compounds
categorised, analysed and used?

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Students love our approach to learning

Perfect for when you have little time. No more hours wasted searching YouTube
 for help... 
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Tessa Faulks
Bachelor of Science 
Chemistry double major
Monash University
Amazing help. Took the stress off. I could not recommend VolkScience more highly... 
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Angus Beattie
Bachelor of Paramedicine
My success in VCE chemistry was definitely attributed to this learning resource. I would recommend it to any VCE student... 
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Shalini Ponnampalam
Bachelor of Medicine and
Bachelor of Surgery (Honours) (MBBS)
Monash University

Frequently asked questions

Does my subscription give me access to all resources in all units?

Sure does!  You get access to all resources from Units 1-4 VCE Chemistry.

Can I watch the videos on other devices?

Yes. VolkScience can be watched on mobiles, both android and iphones and also ipads.  Just note, you can only be signed in to one device at a time.

Can I download & print summary notes, cheat sheets and worksheets?

Yes. Whilst you have a subscription you have copyright permission to download & print any of VolkScience materials.

Am I able to ask for 1:1 help with my Chemistry?

Unfortunately, due to the large number of subscribers, we am unable to offer this individualised service.

Am I locked into a subscription?

Not at all.  You can cancel anytime.

Does VolkScience follow the whole, current VCAA curriculum. 

VolkScience is the complete and current VCAA curriculum.  The new Year 11 curriculum will soon be available for teachers planning their curriculum for the new course starting in 2023.