Valency Flashcards

These are important for every calculation you will do, from balancing chemical equations to calculating molar mass. You just need to learn them, plain and simple. Flashcards make it easier and you can get more practice by going to:

Significant Figures

​Significant figures are confusing for a lot students, but you can be significantly better than them! Significant numbers are important for the accuracy of experimentation and results. Make sure your final answer is in the correct number of significant figures. Follow the video link and check out the handout for helpful hints on significant figures.

Organic Chemistry

Understanding how to identify, name and draw organic molecules is an essential skill for any Chemistry student. This poster includes the basics. Download it, print it in colour and hang it on your bedroom wall - you'll know them all in no time at all.

Previous Exams

Do as many questions as you can. Read the Examiner's Reports - these offer give great insights into common mistakes and misconceptions

Study Tips

There is a lot of advice available. The most important thing is that plan your week, ensuring that you get a good balance, staying up to date with your school work but still finding time for sports, hobbies, music, family, friends and most importantly YOU!

Data Books

Print off the data book you will be using in your final exam - and use it every opportunity you get. When you get to the exam you won’t be wasting time flipping through the pages trying to find data.

Stress and Sleep

Make sure you get enough sleep.  It often seems like such a good idea to have late nights, finishing off work or just hanging out.  But sleep plays a crucial role in declarative memory by processing and consolidating newly acquired information.
Check out this article: More Evidence That Sleep Enhances Memory and Learning.

Meditation has also been proven to decrease stress and improve memory and learning.  Read this great article:
Proof that Meditation CAN Grow Your Brain.

Try the free Headspace 10-day Challenge and watch your stress decrease and your focus increase